We offer innovative political analysis to governments, corporates and organisations. Our Managing Director is Anthony Salamone, the leading Scottish political analyst and thinker.


We produce rigorous and insightful research on Scottish, European and global politics. We take commissions ranging from topical briefings to landmark reports. Our Insight Reports and Comment contributions demonstrate the breadth of our expertise and analysis.


We deliver bespoke consultations on political developments, current affairs and emerging trends. We inform leaders, executives and decision-makers. Our political intelligence and unique perspective enable us to bring perceptive clarity to complex societal shifts.


We arrange speaking engagements by Anthony Salamone, the versatile political scientist, thinker and communicator. Anthony speaks at public and private event formats. He is also a well-versed chair and experienced in steering speeches, panels and roundtables.


We design programmes to build political capacity and knowledge within organisations and groups. We facilitate learning through training sessions, online courses and podcast series. Our expertise supports greater Europeanisation and internationalisation.


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