Analysis and insight on Scottish independence

The Project

The Scottish Statebuilder Project is a pioneering initiative to provide expert analysis on major questions of Scottish independence. The project analyses core themes of the debate in an unprecedented level of detail, addressing the choices, challenges and opportunities. Through its reports, it explores how Scotland could build an independent state, should that option ever be chosen. Its aim is to support substantive and informed political conversation on Scotland’s future. The project is run by Anthony Salamone FRSA, Managing Director of European Merchants.

The Reports

The project reports are available in full online. Paperback editions are for sale at the European Merchants Exchange, our online store.

Independence Transition

How to transition to statehood

The State Blueprint

Path for Scotland’s Transition to Statehood after an Independence Referendum

Anthony Salamone

Coming Soon

European Union

How to join the European Union

Anthony Salamone

136 Pages

Foreign Policy

How to build a foreign policy

Anthony Salamone

114 Pages

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