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The Scottish political analysis firm based in Edinburgh and led by Anthony Salamone. We bring clarity and insight to Scottish, European and global politics.

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The major political questions affecting Scotland today are complex and evolving. European Merchants draws on its substantial reservoir of political expertise and intelligence to provide clarity and insight amidst the confusion.

Anthony Salamone FRSA

Managing Director

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The Essential Questions on Membership of the European Union under Independence

Anthony Salamone

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The Economist

Media Quote of Anthony Salamone

23 November 2022
The National

Media Coverage of Work by Anthony Salamone

2 November 2022
European Merchants

Speech by Anthony Salamone

2 November 2022
The Times

Media Quote of Anthony Salamone

27 October 2022
UK Parliament – House of Commons

Parliamentary Evidence by Anthony Salamone

18 October 2022

Vanguard initiatives.

The Scottish Statebuilder Project provides pioneering analysis on major questions of Scottish independence.

Paperback editions of the project reports are available to order from the European Merchants Exchange, our online store.

The Scottish Independence Prospectus Assessment gives a strategic review of the government case for Scottish independence.

The Assessment supplies an analytical perspective on the major arguments made in the “Building a New Scotland” papers.

Analytical magazine.

Political Courant is our analytical magazine on Scottish, European and global politics, featuring European Merchants and guest contributors.

The magazine offers expert comment and analysis on European and international affairs from Scottish perspectives and beyond.

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